Family Fun Around Dupont Circle

Christian Heurich House Museum
Children of all ages will love touring this impressive castle near Dupont Circle, and parents will appreciate that it has some educational and historical benefits as well. Although not technically a castle, the Christian Heurich House Museum is built in a striking and truly breathtaking Victorian fashion that makes it one of the most impressive structures in the area. Even if children aren't excited about the interior of the house and the museum, admission to the garden is free of charge and beautiful.

Spanish Steps
If too many museums and monuments are becoming a bore for younger children, the Spanish Steps are the perfect remedy. This outdoor staircase, built to mimic Rome's much more famous Spanish Steps, heads uphill to a beautiful viewing platform over the city and a fountain that turns on in the summer. This is a fun way for children to explore the area on foot and release some energy after a long day.

Mr. Yogato
Although this may be a frozen yogurt shop, it is also a fun attraction that children will love. Start by playing the Nintendo game near the front entrance. The score will determine what kind of a discount is available for the purchase. There is also a list of funny things on the wall that can grant visitors discounts on their dessert. The bright colors, television screens and fun activities can turn a quick frozen yogurt stop into a full afternoon activity for a family.

National Zoo
This zoo is just blocks from Dupont Circle, and it is one of the best attractions in the entire city for families with children. Amazingly, the zoo holds more than 2,000 different animals and is completely free throughout the year. A few of the top exhibits include the remarkable aviary, the seals and sea lions exhibit, the ape house, and the pandas. Visitor should pick up a free map to make the most of their time in the zoo.

Rock Creek Horse Center
Close to the National Zoo is the Rock Creek Horse Center, a destination loved by children and adults alike. Visitors can pet the horses, feed them hay, enjoy trail rides throughout the park, take private riding lessons or simply ask questions of the staff, who are happy to teach young children about these beautiful animals. Reservations for horseback rides or classes need to be made in advance.