Events around Dupont Circle

National Cherry Blossom Festival
This beautiful festival is held for two weeks in the spring of each year. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is an integral part of the culture for Dupont Circle Residents, and the tradition is based on the similar Japanese festival. In 1912, Japan gifted more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees to America. These trees blossom for the festival to this day. Along with admiring the beautiful blossoms, the festival involves a parade and a Japanese street festival to help locals learn more about Japanese language, culture, and cuisine.

DC Caribbean Carnival
This annual carnival is held in the last weekend of June and is a fun family event that both children and adults will love. It is a celebration of Caribbean culture and food, and locals make the trek to the area specifically to taste the authentic cuisine on offer. The highlight of the event is the parade full of spirited musical performances and dancers winding through the streets of America's capital city.

National Christmas Tree Lighting
For residents of Washington, D.C., nothing says the holiday season quite like the National Christmas Tree Lighting. The event consists of the First Family illuminating the large outdoor Christmas tree at the White House to signify the Christmas season. Even those visitors who miss the first night can continue the festivities with the subsequent lighting events that take place every night until the first day of January.

Capital Fringe Festival
This incredible annual festival is a major event each summer in the capital city of Washington. Lasting for an average of two weeks, the Capital Fringe Festival boasts more than 500 different performers giving musical, comedic and dance performances throughout the city in a number of different venues. Even children will enjoy the special performances that are geared specifically for a younger audience, which include puppetry shows and theatrical shows based on popular fairy tales.

National Book Festival
This large event takes place each year on the National Park for two days in September. Championed by the Library of Congress and former First Lady Laura Bush, the National Book Festival boasts 100 different authors and illustrators giving live readings and even signatures. Children can browse through books, listen to their favorite stories being read by the authors, or meet their favorite literary characters. Adults can attend poetry readings and even lectures about the importance of literacy in America.