Dupont Circle Transportation

Being one of the busiest and most recognizable traffic circles in Washington D.C., Dupont Circle is served well by the nation's capital transportation system. Dupont Circle diverges and merges several major local roads in Washington D.C. including Connecticut Avenue, New Hampshire Avenue, and Massachusetts Avenue.

Connecticut Avenue is a north-south road that runs between K Street in Washington D.C. and the suburban community of Kensington in Montgomery County, Maryland. Massachusetts Avenue is a major east-west diagonal traverse road that runs through the central part of Washington D.C.and intersects several other major traffic circles including Sheridan Circle, Thomas Circle, and Columbus Circle. Massachusetts Avenue also runs directly past major landmarks such as Mount Vernon Square, Stanton Park, and Lincoln Park. New Hampshire runs in a north-south direction between the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Meridian Hill Park. However, after several blocks of being cut off near Meridian Hill Park, New Hampshire Avenue continues northward and becomes Maryland Route 650.

The Dupont Circle Metro Station is located one block north of the bust traffic circle in the nations' capital district. The underground Dupont Station is served by the Red Line of the Washington Metro system, operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. Making stops at 27 stations, the Washington Metro Red Line goes between Shady Grove Station in Derwood, Maryland and Glenmont Station in Glenmont, Maryland. This makes the Red Line a major transportation option linking suburban communities of Maryland's Montgomery County with the nations' capital.

Some major Red Line stations in Washington D.C. include Farragut North, Metro Center, Gallery Place, Judiciary Square, and Union Station. This means that Red Line passengers can easily make transfers to other Washington Metro lines to comfortably navigate the entire district by rapid transit. The Washington Metro Union Station is linked to the Washington Union Station, the busiest transportation hub in the district. Union Station is served by Amtrak, Maryland Area Regional Commuter, and Virginia Railway Express.

There are more than a dozen Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority bus stops within a block's radius of Dupont Circle. The Mount Pleasant Line, which consists of bus routes 42 and 43 make stops near the busy traffic circle. The Massachusetts Avenue, which includes N2, N3, N4, and N6 routes, also stop near Dupont Circle. The Connecticut Avenue Line's bus routes L1 and L2 stop at Dupont Circle. Additionally, the Maryland Transit Administration Bus Route 929 stops directly at the traffic circle.